Kyle Turley

Kyle Turley

Kyle John Turley (born September 24, 1975) is a former American Football Offensive Tackle who played 9 seasons at the professional level. Selected 7th overall in the 1998 draft, Turley played 5 seasons before a serious back injury sidelined him for the 2004 and 2005 seasons. He returned to football in 2006 where he spent the last two years of his career before announcing his retirement in December 2007. Turley’s high level of play earned him All-Pro honors for the 2000 season. His career is best remembered by many for a 2001 incident in which he ripped off an opposing player’s helmet and tossed it downfield, playing a key factor in his team losing the game but also earning the respect of many fans for his defense of the quarterback. Turley played college football at San Diego State.
Turley consumes cannabis to treat the neurological issues that he suffers from his post-Pro career. He credits cannabis with greatly improving his quality of life and even saving his life, after previously relying on numerous prescription medications with side effects that he says almost drove him to suicide. Turley completely eliminated his use of pharmaceuticals – including psychiatric and pain-killing drugs – beginning in early 2015 when he went cold turkey and switched to cannabis only. He has been active in speaking about his personal experience using cannabis, and in 2015 founded the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition to help advance policy change regarding the use of cannabis in professional sports. The organization is also involved with medical cannabis research, commencing a study in 2016 to examine the effectiveness of cannabis in treating chronic pain and depression.



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“Concussions from playing football created severe light sensitivity issues that Sativa’s have the ability to resolve, Jack Herer is my go-to eye-opener”

Jack Herer


Jack Herer is easily one of the best-known strains in America. Originating in California, this sativa honors the memory of Jack Herer the man, a longtime local cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. It’s not quite as strong as its popularity might suggest, but the high is heady and distinctive. Jack Herer has a unique loamy smell and taste with hints of pine and trees. The sativa high is happy, bubbly, and euphoric, spurring energy and creativity. Jack Herer is ideal for errands and other daytime activities. This strain is effective for patients with mental or neurological disorders, including bipolar disorder, anxiety, migraines, PTSD, and ADHD. Dry mouth and red eyes are common, along with occasional dizziness and paranoia. Jack Herer is popular throughout the United States, but, like many other strains, it’s most popular in the West. Ailments: Mental or neurological disorders Bipolar disorder Anxiety Migraines PTSD ADHD



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